About us
In August 1, 1997, the Quality Management Center (QMC) has been founded in Germany and in February 2006 in China to qualify automotive manufacturers and their supply chain. The QMC is attached to the German Automotive Association – VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V.) under the division of technical Board Member Dr. Joachim Damasky and under the management of Heinz Günter Plegniere (Managing Director). The VDA QMC China reports to VDA QMC Headquarters in Berlin. The General Manager of VDA QMC China is Tilman Tillmann. He is supported by the expert team of German OEM and suppliers in China (see above QM committee China). The QMC China are controlled by the Quality executive committee in German, the QMB.
The tasks and services provided by the VDA QMC China are working on issues in automotive quality management related with the target of continuous improvement. The spectrum ranges from the development of systems and methods to the design of future quality management systems and to improve your production capability and know-how.

VDA QMC China major the following aspects: