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VDA QMC training can be only efficient implemented, if you get practical coaching (training on the job) by VDA QMC Experts. Coaching is designed to provide practical guidance to you. For example after VDA 6.3 Audit certification, it is important to know, how to implement process audit into your company. (roll-out plan, support for conduction Audits, CIP and Audit result summary, effeteness check. We also run management meeting to assure that process audit result is part of management review.) Coaching is advised for the following topics:

  • Training on the job for Audits (QM-System, Process and Product Audits)

  • Customer specific implementation of best practice (Formal Q, special terms)

  • Ensuring efficient and effective processes and QM system

  • In the actual scenes, Auditors who have just completed the study could give wrong result of the internal audit due to lack of experience, which leads to the loss of opportunities for improvement or further consequences that you cannot get ideal result in the actual audit from customer's side. And a worse case is, you cannot guarantee the quality - the core competitiveness of product.

  • Global quality requirements (VDA and IATF)

  • Implementation and support for Field Failure Analysis (FFA) and Project Management (MLA)

  • Right usage of Q-Tools (such as FMEA, SPC,8D)

  • Lean Management

  • Q-failure and cost reduction

If you want to book or are interested in our coaching, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will discuss with an individual offer which is fitting to your needs and requests:

Beijing: Mr. TIAN

Tel.: 010-65900067

Shanghai: Ms. SONG

Tel.: 021-39197012

Or send your request email to: 

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