Automotive SPICE Events

In 2005 the industry-specific standard Automotive SPICE®, derived from the new ISO 15504 International Standard (IS) for software process assessments, was published by the Special Interest Group Automotive. It is now the CSR (Customer Specific Requirements) by German OEMs (VW Group, BMW, Daimler), and also other OEMs from America and Japan. Today together with the rapid development of electric cars and autonomous driving, it become a more and more important Software Assessment Standard.


VDA Automotive SYS Conference is the most important Event for Automotive SPICE in the world, and we have successfully organized this Event in Germany (Berlin) for over seven years. All the experts are coming, to share the knowledge, and do networking.


The current Automotive SPICE in China is still too slow, the numbers of qualified automotive SPICE Assessors are way behind the development of Chinese automotive industry. Therefore, we want to bring this Event (SYS) to China, to raise awareness and to support the Companies to be more successful with this new Assessment Way.


Automotive SPICE Conference China

First Automotive SPICE Conference China (Shanghai, 11-12 April, 2018) , please click here for a review.

Second Automotive SPICE Conference China (Shanghai, 3-4 April, 2019), please click here to sign-up.

Gate4SPICE Workshop

First Gate4SPICE Workshop (Shanghai, 23 May, 2018), please click here for a review.

Second Gate4SPICE Workshop (Shanghai, July, 2018), please click here to sign-up.

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