VDA QMC China now provides:

1) Qualification certificate and auditor card for VDA 6.3 and IATF 16949(1st/2nd Party) auditors, qualified auditors will be in  VDA QMC Worldwide database.

2) Certificate of attendance and PSB card approved by Volkswagen AG. PSBs will be in VDA QMC China database.

VDA 6.3 process auditor:

All German OEMs requesting a certified VDA 6.3 Auditor by VDA QMC or Licenses partners along the supply chain. When German OEMs do customer process audits they will check the qualification of supplier auditors. Therefore you have to present your VDA QMC certificate. Even Chinese OEMs eg. Great Wall/Chery…are requesting VDA 6.3 auditors by their suppliers.

For VDA 6.3 auditor qualification you need to meet some requirement. Please see the “Exam requesting documents (VDA6.3/IATF 16949)” on the page of download.

After successful examination (written exam and interview) we will issue a VDA 6.3 auditor card which is valid worldwide. So VDA QMC certified auditor are registered in world wide VDA database.

VDA 6-3 Certificate_web.pngVDA6-3 card_web.png

*** Before the expiration date you need to renew your auditor card. Please fill in the renewal application form and sent it to us.

The basic requirements are:

1.   Proof of the validity period
Copy of the current certificate
Copy of the current auditor card
2.  Proof of auditing experience*
At least 5 (five) process audits and/or potential analysis (with in total at least  10 audit days) as responsible auditor in the period of validity of the qualification. Internal as well as external process audits are accepted.
3.  Proof of training
Certificate of qualification of “VDA 6.3 – Upgrade Training: from VDA 6.3 (2010) to VDA 6.3 (2016)” (ID 333)    or    Certificate of “VDA 6.3 – Qualification for Process Auditor” (ID 315)

The rules of VDA 6.3(version 2010) Extention

The certificate which issued from China (Certificate number start with CN)
Step 1: Attend the VDA 6.3 upgrade training (1 day) before 30 June 2018
Step 2: Pass the VDA 6.3 exam (1 day) before the expiry date. The new Certificate remains valid for a further 3 (three) years from the exam date.
Note: if you do not take the upgrade training before 30 June 2018, then your card will expired automatically and you need to take the 5-Day Session (4-Day Training+1-Day Exam) for VDA 6.3 (ver. 2016) to get released in VDA QMC global database as the Auditor, what is requested by German OEMs.

The certificate which issued from Germany (Certificate number start with P)
Step 1: Attend the VDA 6.3 upgrade training (1 day) before 30 June 2018
Step 2: Submit the extension application form from our website and other relevent materials before the expiry date. The new Certificate remains valid for a further 3 (three) years from the expiry date of the old Certificate
1. You have to attend 4-Day Session of VDA 6.3 if you haven't done upgrade training before or the evidence of audit experience required cannot be approval. Examination is no needed.
2. If the Certificate expired more than one year previously the applicant must take the 5-Day Session (4-Day Training+1-Day Exam) . Following success in the examination the new Certificate remains valid for 3 (three) years from the date of the examination.

The extension rules of certificate 2016 version has not been implemented yet. Please see our news that published on our website in 2019

PSB Product Safety Representative (PSB) in Automotive Industry

This training enables the participant to independently act as a product safety officer following the legal and the requirements by VW Group China

After completed participating the one day training as well as successful passing the Knowledge test, the participant will receive a PSB qualification certificate and

card which will be issued by VDA QMC China. The certificate and card is also accepted by Volkswagen Group China and BMW China.

PSB Certificate_web.png            PSB Card_web.png

  • The PSB card valid time period is 2 years, and there are 3 ways to update the PSB card:
    1) Attending PSB workshop
    2) Attending PSD (Product Safety Day)
    3) Attending PSB training (the new PSB standard training will be launched at the begining of 2019)

IATF 16949 – Qualification for 1st / 2nd Party Auditor IATF 16949

In automotive industry, the qualification and competence of 1st / 2nd party auditors IATF 16949 is of vital importance. On the one hand, in order to enable their own organization to introduce targeted actions for continual improvement by pertinent assessment of the QM system and of the degree of fulfillment of the IATF 16949 requirements. But on the other hand, also in order to support external suppliers competently in developing their QM system towards IATF 16949, which in the end is mutually beneficial.

To begin with, by attending this training you will receive the necessary qualification for the above. By taking the accompanying exam: 250 IATF 16949 –Exam Day for 1st / 2nd Party Auditor, you can additionally prove your competence as 1st / 2nd party auditor IATF 16949 and thus fulfill some customers’ requirements for the qualification of internal auditors.

IATF16949 Certificate_web.png           IATF16949 Card_WEB.png

IATF 16949 – Qualification for 3rd Party Auditor IATF 16949

IATF has created five oversight offices to administer IATF registration scheme.

We are one of the oversight office of IATF and could provide exclusive 3rd party auditor training for your certidication body.

For 3rd party qualification you need to fulfill several requirements. Please see the “IATF 16949 3rd party auditor application” on the page of download.

You can also through the PDF reading