In-house Training Overview & Contact

We run training for you on site (plant, office…). It is much more convenient for you, if our trainer comes to you to execute the training and examination.

In case of choosing the in-house training, you will determine and prepare the training location. The trainer will execute the training, as well as the examination, according to the agreed conditions. In addition to that, you should provide a coordinator to support our trainers during the in-house training. In-house trainings provide the same content as public training, and all participants can receive a worldwide valid VDA QMC certification, after they successfully participated the in-house training and examination. The in-house training offers several advantages. You will save costs and the trainees will save time.

Communication and execution of the in-house training

Step 1: Acquisition communication: elaborating on your questions and requests (content, time, special requirements…) and initiating communication Exam participants control: in case of needing an examination participation, you may have a prerequisite evidence.

Step 2: Contract: after the training content, date, venue participants are all defined, the contract is signed.

Step 3: Coordination: preparation for the training (room, equipment…), and we need a coordinator from your company to assist the trainer during the training.

Step 4: Conduction: execution of the in-house training according to the in the contract specified conditions

Step 5: Feedback (continue improvement)

Basic information on the in-house training

· Training costs: 17,300 RMB/Day (VDA QMC China Members can get a special discount)

· Examination costs: same price as public trainings (per person), for more information please refer to our Public Training Catalog

· Travel costs: will be negotiated for every case separately and fixed in the contract.

· Training / Examination limitation: maximum 20 persons per training class (training material will be provided for each trainee)

For an in-house training request, please leave a request in the VDA QMC China Online Booking System, write us an email or call us for further info:

Beijing: 010-65900067  Shanghai:  021-39197012

You can also through the PDF reading