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With fully support from VDA QMC China, ENCONAcademy is exclusive license partner in Taiwan and has gained good reputations among the market.

ENCONAcademy Trainers are car industry oriented, and have vast knowledge and experience in performing professional VDA QMC trainings. We offer powerful training services, helping to take your company to the next level!

Trainings offered:
Audit Standards VDA 6.x
PSB - Product Liability
Quality Methods and Tools, such as: VDA 2 (PPA), VDA 5
Joint Quality Management in the Supply Chain, such as: MLA, RPP, FFA…etc.

Head office:

Aisa Branch:

Formel D:

Formel D offers individual, scalable solutions for quality assurance and process optimization along the entire automotive value chain – from development to production through to aftersales. This end-to-end approach, coupled with specific knowledge and extensive experience, creates synergies that play a key role in optimizing and safeguarding the quality of products and processes along the entire supply chain.

Since becoming our partner in September 2017, Formel D is newly offering the VDA Standard Trainings.

We (VDA QMC China) are looking forward to cooperate with Formel D to raise awareness of quality and project management issues in China!

The GAB Corporation is located in several countries all over the world and can offer all trainings and services globally with local staff and partners. We are a licensee of the VDA, which is the German Car Industry organization who creates and publishes all general automotive industry standards. Based on this, all trainings of our academy are performed directly with the original VDA documents.

All of our trainers are individually approved by VDA by checking their experience and own knowledge regarding the individual standards. Trainers are regularly checked and supervised by the German founders, and customer feedback is monitored to guarantee high service quality.