Chinese Automotive Market

The German automotive industry secures jobs, drives Germany's export and invests the most in research and development in the "Land of Ideas". At the same time, the German automotive industry is active worldwide, manufacturing even more vehicles abroad than it does in Germany. Our companies are not only global; they are also a beacon of German Mittelstand: 70% of the value added comes from the suppliers.

The Chinese passenger car market again defended its leading position as the largest single market in the world. A total of 20 million basic cars, MPVs and SUVs were sold in the People’s Republic in 2015. However, the much-cited new normality in the Middle Kingdom has now finally reached the automobile business as well. With a gain of a 9 percent, China was not able to continue the double-digit growth rates of recent years. Economic weakness and increasingly restrictive policies on new registrations had actually caused the Chinese passenger car market to run into negative growth numbers in the summer months. At the end of the year, however, sales jumped – thanks to the value-added tax being cut in half starting in October for vehicles with up to 1.6 liter displacement. The market for electric vehicles boomed in 2015. During the year, around 206,800 electrically powered vehicles were sold in China. This equates to 300 percent growth over the previous year.